What Is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea or Boba began as a Taiwanese dessert drink in the 1980s and has since taken the world by storm. It combines a milky or fruity tea base with chewy tapioca pearls to make a unique snacking experience. At KISSATEN, we incorporate the traditions of Japanese tea culture into the bubble tea culture the to bring a great drinking experience to fellow bubble tea fanatics.

What Makes Your Tapioca Stand Out?

We reimagined classic brown sugar pearls into hand-made chewy tapioca in permanent, specialty flavours such as Honey, Rose and Taro. On special occasions such as Valentines day or Lunar New Year, we also release limited edition flavours such as Matcha or Strawberry yoghurt.

What Should I Order For My First Time?

Our classic and best-selling drink is Hojicha Milk Tea with Honey Tapioca at 50% Sugar.

What Are Your Decaf Options?

All our teas have caffeine, for decaf options please choose:
- Fruit Milk Tea: Please order the Fruit Milk Tea and put in a special request for Fruit Milk. Staff will replace tea with water for you. E.g: Strawberry Milk Tea > Strawberry Milk.
- Fruit Green Tea: Please order the Fruit Green Tea and put in a special request for Fruit Juice. Staff will replace tea with water for you. E.g: Strawberry Green Tea > Strawberry Juice.


What Is Salted/Matcha Cheese?

Our Salted and Matcha Cheese are frothy layers of cheese on top of the tea base. Think of it as liquid cheesecake if you will ;)

What Milk Do You Use For Your Teas?

Our milk powder is extracted from plants and is lactose free. No alternative milk options are available.

Are Your Drinks Vegetarian?

All our drinks and toppings are vegetarian.

Do You Have A Loyalty Scheme?

Yes we do! To register, please download and create an account with the KISSATEN app, available on both iOS and Android devices.

Do You Have Other Branches?

As of now, KISSATEN only has its Flagship Store at 30 Brewer Street, Soho, London, UK.